Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wow Wow Wow Wow!!!

I am so excited I could BURST!

We have got Very Important Visitors coming! It's going to be fabulously wonderful! They're going to visit, and we're going to have fun, and there will be high jinx and excitement!

They are called "Sirius" and "Sir Parsley" and I have been told that I am absolutely under no circumstances whatsoever to so much as lick them, let alone take them to my bed and chew them. I am shocked! As if I would do that to a visitor!

Mum says I will learn more about them between now and the visit, but that they are doing Important Charity Work (whatever that is - I hope it's fun fun fun!).

ps. sorry for not blogging for so long, but I am such a busy dog that I often get distracted by life, customers, you name it!

pps. today I have stolen a plastic bag, two socks and a plastic bottle cap


Muppet said...


Be careful, Sirius has been to visit Mummy and he drank all the beer. Your pub might need some serious guarding.



Sirius said...

Hi Dylan

if you help me get to the beer we will have loads of fun


Love Sirius x