Sunday, November 30, 2008

I like Sunday!

Okay so the slop stuff is growing on me. Actually it's really quite tasty. Today it was laced with baked beans and this green stuff called "parsley". Today is a good day! We've been out for a great walk with Dad, there've been loads of people in the pub, I've played with my squeaky football, I've had treats, I've lazed around, I am a non-stop kind of guy!

And, best of all, I've annoyed Big Ears! Yes, he's spluttering with rage! All because I've got a blog too. Tee hee. Like he's the only one with something to say. Stupid big woolly thing. He's wearing an embarassing bandage thing at the moment - bet he didn't tell you that did he? Something to do with that woman who came to visit us the other day. Mum says it's a 'body wrap' and it's going to make Big Ears less moody. I'm not holding my breath!

I need my breath for much more important things like playing and running and chasing and more running. They're fab. I also played with my blue ball today, did I say that? It doesn't squeak anymore but I like it anyway.

Got to go lobby for more play!

p.s. today I have stolen several pieces of paper which I shredded which made Mum quite cross, apparently it was important business stuff. Whatever.

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