Sunday, November 23, 2008

Visitors are Ace!

Yeeeha! I have a Girlfriend! At least I could do, if I wanted. She's called Rosie and she's totally bonkers! She came to stay for the weekend and we just played all the time. There was wrestling, and chasing, and bitey face action, and more chasing and lots of rolling around. She's my kind of girl.

Hot dang!

And she brought treats with her. What better combination can you get? She's a bit younger than me and can't run quite as fast as me, though much faster than Ole Big Ears. We had such fun on the beach, though if I'm honest she can go on a bit longer than me. I'm built more for speed than stamina apparently.

Big Ears has been surprisingly nice this week. I think getting his bootie kicked by a girl (you should have seen it!) has made him rethink things a bit. We'll see how long it lasts.

We're nearly at our weekend time, so I'm anticipating an excellent walk tomorrow. It's whole week since I went to the beach so I'll be voting for that, but who knows? Maybe they'll surprise us with somewhere new!

p.s. today I have stolen one bottle top, several tissues, a pair of pants and a cardigan.

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